Delegated Authentication

Dfns enables a unique configuration called Delegated Signing in which control of a wallet is delegated from you, our customer, to your end user (regardless of whether they are a consumer or a corporate entity). End Users are a first class citizen in Dfns and must be registered and then logged in so that they can interact with the system.

In most cases, our customers choose to hide the fact that they are using Dfns as their wallet provider from their users. We call this configuration white labeling Dfns. In this configuration, it does not make sense for them to receive an email from Dfns - they won't know who we are!

Delegated user management allows you as our customer to register end users and then log them in to Dfns all from the server-side using a service account. In this way, you retain full control over the user experience, and Dfns remains hidden in the background.

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