Personal Access Tokens

Personal Access Tokens (PATs) are used to automate actions on behalf a user.

PATs are linked to your user, and cannot have more permission then your user. However, a PAT has its own permissions, which can be used to limit what the PAT is allowed to do. For example, you could create a read only PAT to monitor transactions in your wallet, without having to reduce the permisison of your user.

Since PATs are tied to a user, if the user leaves your company, the PAT would be deactived at the same time as the user. Because of this, PATs are not meant to be used for server tasks. If you have a long lived task, it is recommended that you use a Service Account instead, as Service Accounts are not tied to a specific user. This also means that a Service Account can have different permissions from the user that created the Service Account, giving you the ability to limit user permissions without effecting server tasks.

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