Get Wallet by ID

GET /wallets/{walletId}

Retrieves a Wallet by its ID.

Required Permissions



Always Required


Path parameters

Path parameterDescription


Unique identifier of the Wallet. ex. wa-1f04s-lqc9q-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The response body is the Wallet. The Wallet object has those fields:

  • id - string - ID of the wallet

  • network - string - Network used for the wallet (See Supported Networks for possible values)

  • name - (Optional) string - Name given to the wallet

  • address - (Optional) string - Wallet address on its corresponding network. If using a Pseudo Network, this field will not be set.

  • status - string - Status of the wallet, can be one of Active, Archived.

  • signingKey - object - Info about the signing key corresponding to that wallet

    • scheme - string - Supported schemes are ECDSA or EdDSA

    • curve - string - Key curve. Can be ed25519 or secp256k1

    • publicKey - string - Hex-encoded value of public key

  • dateCreated - string - ISO 8601 date string when wallet was created

  • imported - (Optional) boolean - is true if the wallet is an imported wallet.

  • exported - (Optional) boolean - is true if the wallet was already exported at least once.

  • dateExported - (Optional) string - ISO 8601 date string when wallet was first exported.

200 Response example

  "id": "wa-1f04s-lqc9q-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "network": "EthereumSepolia",
  "status": "Active",
  "name": "My awesome wallet",
  "address": "0x00e3495cf6af59008f22ffaf32d4c92ac33dac47",
  "dateCreated": "2023-04-14T20:41:28.715Z",
  "signingKey": {
    "curve": "secp256k1",
    "scheme": "ECDSA",
    "publicKey": "e2375c8c9e87bfcd0be8f29d76c818cabacd51584f72cb2222d49a13b036d84d3d"

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