Dfns SDKs

Dfns is in the process of building a number of SDKs across various language bindings to simplify your development experience. These SDKs wrap our API calls and configure the headers necessary for executing request signing against our authentication service.

Of course, you can always develop directly against the API, but we've found in talking to developers that using an SDK accelerates their development process by obfuscating some of the more nuanced elements - eg. setting the X-DFNS-USERACTION header.

Typescript SDK

The Dfns Typescript SDK offers utilities to help Typescript developers get Dfns up and running more quickly. It automatically populates all the required headers and implements the cryptography for request signing. This is a full SDK implementation which includes strongly typed function definitions which should enable IntelliSense in an IDE like Visual Studio Code:

  • See the SDK repository for a high level overview with detailed examples.

  • Additionally see these autogenerated SDK docs detailing classes, methods, and types available.

React Native SDK

We've built specific bindings for React Native into the Typescript SDK to help accelerate hybrid mobile development projects predicated on this popular framework. Please see the React Native section here for more details.

GoLang SDK

We've wrapped the native HTTP libs in Go to handle our request signing. You can find the repo here. Note this is an MVP implementation which does not include full function typing like the Typescript SDK.

iOS Swift SDK

For native platform developers, we've created a Swift SDK to accelerate the iOS development process. You can find it here. Similar to GoLang, this does not include strong function typing.

Android Kotlin SDK

Coming soon.

Python SDK

Coming soon.

Have another SDK request? Ping us in slack or email docs@dfns.co.

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