Update Permission

PUT /permissions/{permissionId}

Updates an existing permission. Response either returns the updated permission (success) or the reason why it was not possible to update (failure).

Required Permissions



Always Required


Path parameters

Path parameterDescription


Unique identifier of the permission. Permission IDs look like this: pm-orange-apple-2b17a80613

Request body

In the request body specify the permisison name and/or a list of operations that this permission will allow.



String - Optional

Name of the permission.


String Array - Optional

List of allowed operations. This this list for all the available operations.

Request example

  "name": "US Perms",
  "operations": ["Wallets:Read", "Wallets:Create"]


Response example 200 - no approval required

If successful, a response object of the updated permission will be returned:

// permission
    "id": "pm-orange-apple-2b17a80613",
    "name": "US",
    "operations": ["Wallets:Read", "Wallets:Create"],
    "status": "Active",
    "isImmutable": false,
    "dateCreated": "2022-10-26T08:30:25.348Z",
    "dateUpdated": "2022-10-26T08:30:25.348Z",
    "isArchived": false

Response example 202 - approval required

// permission change request
   "approvalId": "ap-...",
      "operations":["Wallets:Read", "Wallets:Create"],


A permission name cannot be an empty string and a permission must have at least one operation specified.

A permission name is the unique identifier of a permission created in your organization. Therefore, multiple permissions with the same name cannot exist. If a permission has been archived, its name is still considered as taken.

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