Dfns Change Log

Change log detailing feature releases

The Dfns change log documents changes to our product functionality made by our releases. This includes new features, breaking changes, bug fixes to known issues, deprecations, etc. Please bookmark this page and refresh frequently for the latest updates.

June 14, 2024

  • Launched key export for EdDSA keys

June 7, 2024

  • Launched Solana Tier 1

May 31, 2024

  • Launched internal indexing for EVM chains

  • Launched Algorand NFT indexing

May 24, 2024

  • Launched Android Kotlin SDK

May 17, 2024

  • Launched create credential w/ code in dashboard

May 10, 2024

  • Launched Stellar Tier 1

May 3, 2024

  • Launched new endpoints for tagging wallets for Policy Engine filters

  • Launched cross platform registration with a one-time code

  • Upgraded ZeroDev SDK version

April 19, 2024

April 12, 2024

  • Launched recipient whitelisting in Policy Engine

  • Executed Asset Account and Public Key to Wallet migration script

  • Retired legacy authentication service

March 29, 2024

  • Launched Cardano Tier2 support and Polygon Amoy Tier1 (retired Mumbai)

  • Laucnhed Solana fee estimation API

March 15, 2024

  • Launched GoLang SDK

  • Launched Tier2 support for PolkaDot and Kusama

March 8, 2024

  • Launched Tier1 support for Algorand

  • Removed legacy dashboard access in production

Feb 29, 2024

  • Added custodial field to ListWallets. False implies an end user wallet

  • Removed Policy Engine v1 create endpoints from dashboard and SDK

  • Fixed a bug in which Policy Engine List Approvals was filtering by default

Feb 21, 2024

Feb 14, 2024

  • New support for WebAuthn across subdomains

Feb 7, 2024

Jan 24, 2024

Jan 17, 2024

  • Added send button in dashboard for tier2 chains

  • Exposed verified contracts in the API metadata for EVM chains

  • Renamed Ripple to XrpLedger for accuracy

Jan 10, 2024

  • Launched Bitcoin indexing for Wallets bringing the chain to Tier1 support

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from reading end user wallet metadata

  • Released AWS KMS Signer in the SDK

Dec 20, 2023

  • Backend changes to cluster load balancing

Dec 12, 2023

  • Added secondsValid to PAT expiration config

Dec 6, 2023

  • Launched Solana and Tezos Tier2 wallets support

  • Launched support for the Starkware ecosystem with KeyECDSAStark Pseudo Networks

Nov 29, 2023

Nov 22, 2023

  • Launched Tier2 wallets support for Bitcoin and Tron

Nov 15, 2023

  • Launched SDK support for Viem

  • Launched new .env file generation utility in the dashboard

Nov 8, 2023

  • Moved all EVM chains to Tier 1 support in Wallets API.

  • Added Base L2 support and ArbitrumSepolia testnet

Nov 1, 2023

  • Released new WalletConnect integration in the dashboard using WebAuthn to sign transactions

Oct 18, 2023

  • Released first version of wallet export for Enterprise plan customers.

Oct 10, 2023

  • Released first version of wallet import for Enterprise plan customers.

Oct 1, 2023

  • Released CGGMP pre-signatures to accelerate signing request times

Sep 14, 2023

  • Enabled CGGMP signers in production environments

Aug 29, 2023

  • Enabled PaymentVelocity rules on Asset Accounts

  • Released permissions and policy engine in the dashboard

Aug 9, 2023

  • Released Policy Engine support for Wallet TransferAmountLimit rules

  • Released Wallets in the dashboard

Aug 1, 2023

  • Released Policy Engine support for Wallet AlwaysActivated rules

  • Added Generate Signature support for Pseudo Network Wallets

July 17, 2023

  • Updated network names for wallet blockchains

  • Returning complete signature encoding from Get Signature calls.

July 11, 2023

  • Updated enumerated types for Wallets API network value

July 5, 2023

  • Relaxed CORS policy preventing API calls from the browser

June 29, 2023

  • Latency optimizations for Auth service

  • Fixes for Windows Hello usage with Webauthn

June 7, 2023

  • Released CMP asset in the dashboard

June 1, 2023

  • Released the new Wallets and NFTs API Beta

  • Fixed bugs related to trailing slashes in URL paths

May 11, 2023

  • Added key-based recovery support to the Dfns Dashboard

  • Fixed bug in WalletConnect deployment

April 26, 2023

  • Added MVP signer multi-tenancy for ninja sandbox orgs

  • Updates to blockchain indexing pipeline

April 20, 2023

  • Added Ethereum Sepolia testnet to blockchain indexing

  • Add Tezos & Solana support to BroadcastTransaction

April 5, 2023

  • Allow users to add permissions to API keys in the dashboard

  • Optimized API response latency via server-side changes

  • Additional dashboard security enahncements

Mar 23, 2023

  • Deployed new authentication service to production (non-customer impacting)

  • Removed isImmutable field from policy creation

  • Fixed bug where rejected transactions are not reflecting the correct state

  • Changed payment note to write to XRP destination tag

Mar 14, 2023

  • Added blockchain indexing for SOL and XRP

  • Added activityId query string param to List policy control executions

Mar 8, 2023

  • Added nonce to BroadcastTransaction API responses

  • Payment note broadcasted as memo in XRP transactions

Feb 28, 2023

  • Added new ListTransactions endpoint

  • Throughput enhancements to our indexing pipeline

Feb 17, 2023

  • Added a new endpoint to call view (aka read-only) contract methods

  • Deployed chain indexing on BTC and LTC

  • Deployed support for Constellation network (DAG) and Ambrosus network (AirDAO)

Feb 8, 2023

  • Added support for agEUR token on Polygon (AGEUR.MATIC assetSymbol)

  • Updated testnet for SKALE blockchain

Jan 30, 2023

  • Added support for Solana tokens

  • Deprecated groupSize and groupThreshold body paramters for key generation

  • Polygon payments fix for "transaction underpriced" error

Jan 13, 2023

  • Released support for Elrond chain

  • Added indexing support for Polygon and Binance Smart Chain

  • Misc bug fixes

Dec 19, 2022

  • Fixed a bug in BroadcastTransaction where the value parameter was being interpreted in ETH instead of WEI.

  • Last push of the year!

Dec 15, 2022

  • Launched new direction and status query parameters on ListPayments

  • Fixed a bug in the timeoutInMinutes implementation in PolicyControls

Dec 7, 2022

  • Launched upgraded key storage persistence layer for wallet scalability

  • Launched indexing for ERC20s including USDT, USDC, MATIC, BNB so they are exposed in incoming transactions.

  • Internal bug fixes for Binance Smart Chain.

Nov 30, 2022

  • Launched our new blockchain indexing microservice for Ethereum mainnet exposed via the new direction field on payments and the new PaymentReceived and PaymentConfirmed callback eventKinds.

  • Enabled Permissions on callbacks and pubic keys

  • Internal bug fixes wrt database pagination

Nov 22, 2022

  • Continuing the roll out of our new authorization framework called Permissions. The rollout is intended to be silent and should have no customer facing impact. Stay tuned for further announcements on the features & functionality.

  • Deprecated AllowedProducts internal restriction on API endpoint usage. Now public keys created with the high level API can be used with the low level API and vice versa.

Nov 16, 2022

  • Rolled out a new authorization framework called Permissions. This is the first of two deployments and should have no customer-facing impact.

  • Deployed changes to our internal gateways for routing internal API calls.

Nov 8, 2022

  • Added a maxUnitBalance property to the response from the GetBalance endpoint representing the largest possible unit for the given asset.

  • IP Whitelisting fixes: API Gateway redirect aliases, extra NAT Gateway IPs whitelisted

  • Integrated Fantom, Optimism, and SKALE blockchains

Oct 27, 2022

  • Added PolicyActivated and WalletCreated callback subscription topics

  • Integrated TRON blockchain

Oct 16, 2022

  • Deployed IP whitelisting framework

  • Fixed a bug impacting payment initiation and market data collection

Sep 27, 2022

  • Added GetAddressForNetwork endpoint

  • Deployed internal changes around zero trust service to service communication

  • Fixed testnet erc20 tokens with Goerli addresses

  • Bug fix adding asset symbol to chain validation

Aug 30, 2022

  • Deployed filtering policies by public keys of wallets

  • Bug fix for Policy Control Execution bad activity types

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