Estimate fees

GET /networks/fees?network={network}

Gets real-time fee details for a given network, allowing users to make decisions based on their preferences for transaction speed/priority. Three levels of priority will be displayed: slow, standard, fast.

Note: Get Fee only works on EVM chains currently. We will add support for additional L1s incrementally.

only supported for EVM chains are supported, for now

Required Permissions

No permission is required for this call


Query parameters

Query parameterDescription


Enumerated type representing the Blockchain network from the list found here. ⚠️ only EVM chains are supported for now.


Response example

  "kind": 'EvmEip1559',
  "newtwork": 'EthereumGoerli',
  "estimatedBaseFee": 44,
  "blockNumber": 10253270,
  "blockTime": 1703253072,
  "slow": {
     maxPriorityFee: 225000003,
     maxFee: 225000091
  "standard": {
     maxPriorityFee: 300000007,
     maxFee: 300000095
  "fast": {
     maxPriorityFee: 637524101,
     maxFee: 637524189



For EIP 1559, we provide 2 different fields for each strategy: maxFee (per Gas) and maxPriorityFee (per Gas). To compute these estimations, we look at the block history, compute three different percentiles for the rewards offered by the transactions in the blocks, and then calculate the average for each strategy.

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