Dfns Environments

Dfns supports a production environment (api.dfns.io) and a staging environment (api.dfns.ninja). Production interacts with both mainnet and testnet chains, while staging only interacts with testnet chains. Staging is for use only with test funds - the environment does not have the same availability guarantees as production.

Staging environment (api.dfns.ninja) is for use only with test funds

This constraint exists to prevent customers from accidentally moving real funds into the staging environment. Note Dfns can not prevent customers from using CreateSignature in a staging environment and sending funds to a mainnet chain. This is however against our terms of use, so please don't do it - thanks!

Throughout our documentation, assume that you should prepend the environment you want to interact with in front of the API paths given. For example:

POST /assets/asset-accounts/{AssetAccountId}/payments

For the production environment should be interpreted as a post to:


If you have any questions or concerns about our environments, don't hesitate to reach out to us: docs@dfns.co.

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