Deprecated - Dfns API Enumerated Types

Warning: These ENUMs have been deprecated. Please use Wallets. Contact your sales representative if you require additional blockchain support.

Asset Symbol

Dfns supports over 9000 cryptocurrencies and ERC20 fungible asset types - far too many to list here! Please refer to this Github link for an up-to-date list of supported values. Use the strings under the Routing column header when sending requests to APIs that require an asset symbol in the following format:


Payment Status
  • Initiated - Payment just got created, policies are being executed

  • Approved - Payment is approved to be executed, it will soon be broadcasted

  • Rejected - Payment was rejected by policy engine

  • Executed - Payment is executed and fed to a blockchain node

  • Failed - There was an error during broadcasting of the payment

  • Confirmed - Payment is considered Confirmed when it's part of a given block and contains block information


Note these network enums are only for Asset Accounts which have been deprecated. Please see the network values supported by the Wallets API here.

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