Create Callback Subscription

Warning: This API has been deprecated. Please use Webhooks. Contact your sales representative if you require additional blockchain support.

POST /callback-subscriptions/

This creates a callback subscription for the specific eventKind. eventKind takes the following enumerated type values:

  • PaymentInitiated: A payment request has been made via the InitiatePayment endpoint.

  • PaymentExecuted: A payment request has been successfully broadcasted to the target chain via the InitiatePayment endpoint.

  • PaymentConfirmed: The payment was mined as part of a block.

  • PaymentReceived: An incoming payment was received in your wallet.

  • TransactionBroadcasted: A transaction has been successfully broadcasted to the target chain via the BroadcastTransaction endpoint.

  • WalletCreated: An AssetAccount has been successfully created.

  • PolicyActivated: A new Policy has been successfully activated.

Required Permissions



Always Required

Request body

Request body fieldsRequired/OptionalDescriptionType



The type of subscription to listen for from the list above.

Enumerated Type



The URL the callback will POST data to


Request example

  "eventKind": "PaymentInitiated",
  "url": ""


Response example

   "externalId": "New Callback",
   "eventKind": "PaymentInitiated",
   "url": "",
   "orgId": "cu-purple-pip-1b417b958500",
   "status": "Enabled",
   "id": "cs-arizona-table-3fd134d2ab",
   "dateCreated": "2022-08-12T16:33:40.354Z"

Callback Example

PaymentInitiated example callback

The following is an example body that will be posted to the endpoint specified in the callback url:

  "note": "callbacks testing",
  "amount": "0.0000000001",
  "assetSymbol": "ETH",
  "receiver": {
    "kind": "DfnsAssetAccount",
    "id": "aa-undress-india-0a2aa96fce"
  "narrative": "some payment",
  "initiator": {
    "kind": "Employee",
    "employeeId": "oe-nine-artist-9de60fef6963",
    "orgId": "cu-purple-pip-1b417b958500"
  "externalId": "1-2-3-4",
  "orgId": "cu-purple-pip-1b417b958500",
  "receiverAddress": "0xF7667d72812bc601F7f2aAdF354E192Fd069a3f2",
  "dateCreated": "2022-08-29T20:53:05.630Z",
  "assetAccountId": "aa-network-burger-21cb681b2c",
  "id": "pa-pasta-kentucky-18e54f1f52",
  "status": "Initiated"

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