Data Model Concepts

Dfns IDs

The majority of Dfns IDs are formed using the following standard:


For example:

  • pr-montana-mango-2b17a80613 – This refers to Policy Rule, which can be seen by prefix pr-.

  • pa-five-river-1e6242793d – This refers to Payment, which can be seen by prefix pa-.

  • aa- stands for Asset Account and so forth

IDs are randomly generated. This allows clients to easily identify entities, talk about them, and discuss them without leaking any information.

Tags and External IDs

Entities in the Dfns data model expose tags and externalID fields which allow customers to mark items and link them to external databases.


Tags can be used to specify groups or categories. They allow customers to mark entities by jurisdiction, department, seniority, business-function, or other classification criteria.


Useful when an entity such as Payment, Policy, or PublicKey is generated initially within a customer’s database. The externalID of the database record can be provided and later used as a foreign key to retrieve data by using the ID from the customer’s database.

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